Hello and Welcome!

I am a professional photographer and image manipulator based in Nottingham in the UK with my own studio. My personal work generally focuses upon urban landscapes and landscapes but can encompass anything. As well as regular photography I create abstract art through the use of multiple exposures, long exposures and image manipulation to enhance the overall effect. I remain true to photography and see image manipulation as an enhancement to photography. My screen is my canvas and my photographs are my paint.

I create different views and viewpoints of my subjects to create unique and visually impacting art that will be a main feature in your home or workplace. My imagery is part of private collections all over the world.

I was first captivated by photography when I first held a camera at the age of seven where I soon realised rather than simply recording moments it is possible to create them too. I am more inspired by creating rather than simply capturing. I am inspired by art movements such as surrealism and pictorialism that unify the concept of creating imagery.